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When a tooth is lost, your body will start to dissolve the bones in your mouth that supported the tooth. This phenomenon of bone resorption or atrophy, also changes the way your face ages. As the jawbone becomes smaller your skin fails to tighten around it and the mouth region collapses (see pictures). 


Overtime, atrophy can also affect the functionality of dentures without implant support. As your bone continues to recede there's less support for the dentures and they begin to lose their retention and stability. 


Luckily, getting Dental Implants to replace lost teeth will remind your body that  the bone is still required and stop the process of atrophy by stimulating the bone in your mouth and jaw exactly as your teeth did.


In some cases, if there has been too much bone loss by the time you decide to get implants, we will have to add new bone by doing a bone graft.


So press the link below or simply give us a call and find out if you too can benefit from dental implants.


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