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When the maxillary sinus prevents the placement of an implant, it is possible to raise the floor of the sinus and increase the amount of bone.


At Raviv Dental we are proud to be the first in North America to introduce the IRaise procedure. It is a minimally invasive procedure which allows for the raising of the sinus wall together with an implant placement. The procedure is done using a hydraulic system (the liquid pressure is what lifts the sinus up). The healing time is greatly diminished and patients are typically back to their daily activities the following day. It also decreases the possible complications that can be associated with a traditional sinus lift procedure. With almost 2000 cases documented over the last 5 years - it is the standard of care in our office.

Typically 7-9 months after the sinus lift, the crowns can be designed and placed to complete the tooth replacement procedure.


If you've been told that you need a sinus lift procedure and are looking for a safer - minimally invasive way to have it done - look no further. Press the link below or  call us to find out more.

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